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Microbial Aerosol Contamination of Dental Healthcare Workers' Faces and Other Surfaces in Dental Practice

  • Emilia Prospero (a1), Sandra Savini (a1) and Isidoro Annino (a1)


The purpose of this study was to focus attention on the need to adopt infection control procedures in dentistry. The quantitative and qualitative bacterial contamination of dental healthcare workers' faces and other surfaces in dental practice was determined. Oral fluids become aerosolized during dentistry and oral microbes have been used as the markers of their spread that may carry blood-borne pathogens.


Corresponding author

Università di Ancona, Istituto di Malattie Infettive e Medicina Pubblica, Cattedra di Igiene, Piazza Roma, 2, 60100 Ancona, Italy


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