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Impact of Organism Identification Method on Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Designation

  • Emily J. Gomez (a1), Amity L. Roberts (a2), Diana P. Robinson (a1), Kevin Alby (a3), Nathan A. Ledeboer (a4), Christopher D. Doern (a5), David W. Lander (a2), Gonzalo Bearman (a5) and Kaede V. Sullivan (a6)...


Corresponding author

Address correspondence to Kaede V. Sullivan, MD, Temple University Hospital, 3401 Broad St, Rm A2 F329, Philadelphia, PA 19140 (


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Present affiliation: Clinical Laboratory, Abington-Jefferson Health, Abington, Pennsylvania.

PREVIOUS PRESENTATION. This work was presented as an abstract at the ASM Microbe 2016 annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts on June 19, 2016



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