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Epidemiology of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci with Reduced Susceptibility to Daptomycin

  • Theresa Judge (a1), Jason M. Pogue (a1), Dror Marchaim (a2), Kevin Ho (a2), Srinivasa Kamatam (a2), Shakila Parveen (a2), Namita Tiwari (a2), Priyanka Nanjireddy (a2), Suchitha Bheemreddy (a2), Caitlin Biedron (a2), Sagar Mallikethi Lepakshi Reddy (a2), Vijaykumar Khammam (a2), Indu K. Chalana (a2), Rajachendra Shekher Tumma (a2), Vicki Collins (a2), Adnan Yousuf (a2), Paul R. Lephart (a3), Emily T. Martin (a4), Michael J. Rybak (a2) (a5), Keith S. Kaye (a2) and Kayoko Hayakawa (a2)...


A retrospective case–case control study was conducted, including 60 cases with daptomycin-nonsusceptible vancomycin-resistant enterococci (DNS-VRE) matched to cases with daptomycin-susceptible VRE and to uninfected controls (1:1:3 ratio). Immunosuppression, presence of comorbid conditions, and prior exposure to antimicrobials were independent predictors of DNS-VRE, although prior daptomycin exposure occurred rarely. In summary, a case–case control study identified independent risk factors for the isolation of DNS-VRE: immunosuppression, multiple comorbid conditions, and prior exposures to cephalosporines and metronidazole.


Corresponding author

Harper University Hospital, 3990 John R Street, Detroit, MI 48084 (


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