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Clinical Pharmacology of Antibiotics: Do Antibiotics Interfere with Host/Bacterial Interaction?

  • Atef M. Shibl (a1)


Antibiotics exert a number of effects on bacteria other than simply killing them or inhibiting their growth. Increasing evidence that exposure of bacteria to antibiotics induces profound alterations in the interaction between bacteria and host defense has been noted. The effect of antibiotics on polymorphonuclear leukocytes and the immune specific response of mononuclear cells is reviewed. An understanding of such effects would allow a more rational application of antibiotics, as well as provide direction in the development of new antibiotics that have both specific antibacterial action and positive effects on host defense mechanisms.


Corresponding author

The Medical Service, Room 5 H 22, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, CA 94110


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Clinical Pharmacology of Antibiotics: Do Antibiotics Interfere with Host/Bacterial Interaction?

  • Atef M. Shibl (a1)


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