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Bacillus Species Pseudomeningitis

  • Ludwig A. Lettau (a1), Dean Benjamin (a2), H. Furman Cantrell (a2), David W. Potts (a1) and J. Michael Boggs (a1)...


A cluster of cerebrospinal fluid Gram's stains showing gram-positive bacilli and of cerebrospinal fluid cultures growing Bacillus species in a large community teaching hospital prompted an epidemiologic and microbiologic investigation. Pseudomeningitis was suspected and confirmed when cultures of uninoculated commercial trypticase soy broth with 5% Fildes enrichment grew Bacillus species. Secondary contamination of the pipettes used for inoculation accounted for the positive cerebrospinal fluid Gram's stains. The costs of this pseudo-outbreak included unnecessary antibiotic therapy, lumbar punctures, and hospitalization. Such adverse effects can be minimized by increased physician awareness of pseudoinfections and by prompt investigation of such occurrences.


Corresponding author

Greenville Memorial Medical Center, 701 Grove Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29605


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Bacillus Species Pseudomeningitis

  • Ludwig A. Lettau (a1), Dean Benjamin (a2), H. Furman Cantrell (a2), David W. Potts (a1) and J. Michael Boggs (a1)...


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