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Attitude of Healthcare Personnel Regarding Influenza Immunization

  • Chatrchai Watanakunakorn (a1) (a2) (a3), George Ellis (a2) and David Gemmel (a4)



To survey the attitudes of healthcare personnel regarding influenza immunization.


A questionnaire was given to all hospital employees.


A 650-bed community teaching hospital.


Employees were offered an in-service regarding influenza immunization in October 1991. Influenza immunization was given free of charge by Employee Health Services from October to December 1991. One thousand fifty-six employees (30.2%) received influenza vaccines. Survey forms were distributed with paychecks to all employees during the second half of January 1992. Completed survey forms were returned during the next 2 weeks.


One thousand two hundred three of the 3,501 (34.3%) questionnaires were returned. Some of the survey forms were not completely filled out. A total of 28.1% of male employees (202/717) and 35.4% of female employees (987/2783) (p<.01) responded. Mean years employed were 11.35 ± 7.57 for respondents and 9.30 ± 7.39 for all employees (p<.001). Four hundred sixty-one respondents (38.4%) received the influenza vaccine and 734 (6 1.4%) did not. Among the respondents, employees who were older or working full time were more likely to receive the vaccine. Proportionally, more respondents who received the vaccine attended the in-service, although only 8.7% of those immunized attributed their receiving influenza vaccine to the in-service. More physician respondents were vaccinated. Tbe respondents who received influenza vaccine were more likely to have received the vaccine during the past 2 years (p<.001). The major reasons given for not receiving the vaccine were “bad side effects” and “do not like shots.” The major side effect of influenza immunization was a “sore arm.” Multivariate analysis suggested that the in-service was not associated with obtaining the vaccine.


The in-service regarding influenza immunization seemed to have a negligible influence. Most employees who received the vaccine had previous influenza immunization. There were no major side effects of influenza immunization. “Bad side effects” and “do not like shots” were major reasons given for not receiving influenza vaccine.


Corresponding author

St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center, P.O. Box 1790, Youngstown, Ohio 44501-l 790


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Attitude of Healthcare Personnel Regarding Influenza Immunization

  • Chatrchai Watanakunakorn (a1) (a2) (a3), George Ellis (a2) and David Gemmel (a4)


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