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Tidal flat and shallow marine sediments from the Craignish Phyllites, Middle Dalradian, Argyll, Scotland

  • Roger Anderton (a1)


Sediments from 6 localities showing negligible deformation are described from a generally strongly deformed formation of metasediments. The tidal flat facies include decimetre-thick tabular sands, interpreted as the flood tide storm deposits of subtidal to intertidal channels, as well as centimetre to millimetre thick, rippled and laminated sands and silts with gypsum pseudomorphs. The gypsum crystals grew at interfaces where more permeable, overlaid less permeable, sediment and then underwent partial solution before being replaced by ferroan calcite and quartz. The shallow marine facies are centimetre-thick rippled sands interbedded with muds, interpreted as storm sediments.



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Tidal flat and shallow marine sediments from the Craignish Phyllites, Middle Dalradian, Argyll, Scotland

  • Roger Anderton (a1)


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