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Meteorite traces on a shatter cone surface from the Agoudal impact site, Morocco

  • M. SCHMIEDER (a1), H. CHENNAOUI AOUDJEHANE (a2), E. BUCHNER (a3) (a4) and E. TOHVER (a1)


The recently discovered Agoudal impact site in Morocco is a small, eroded impact structure with well-developed shatter cones. A scanning electron microscopic study of a shatter cone surface has revealed the presence of schreibersite – a phosphide very rare on Earth but common in iron meteorites – and Fe–Ni oxides. This is the first reported evidence for primary meteoritic matter adherent to shatter cones and suggests that the Agoudal crater was formed by the impact of an iron meteorite, probably the Agoudal IIAB iron. Shatter cones from other terrestrial impact structures might also hold valuable information about the nature of the impacting projectiles.


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Meteorite traces on a shatter cone surface from the Agoudal impact site, Morocco

  • M. SCHMIEDER (a1), H. CHENNAOUI AOUDJEHANE (a2), E. BUCHNER (a3) (a4) and E. TOHVER (a1)


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