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Foreland basin development and tectonics on the northwest margin of eastern Avalonia

  • B. C. Kneller (a1), L. M. King (a2) and A. M. Bell (a3)


The early Palaeozoic convergence of Avalonia and Laurentia created a foreland basin at the suture zone of the former lapetus Ocean. Sedimentological and stratigraphic evidence of shallowing and contemporaneous shortening suggests that the southern part of the basin (the Windermere Group) became detached from its basement in the late Ludlow, and began to invert. The detachment beneath the basin rooted into a northwest-dipping mid-crustal thrust system. Contemporaneous uplift to the north of the late Silurian basin involved shortening of the Avalonian foreland basement by thrusting. Basin inversion occurred ahead of a southeastward-advancing mountain front. We postulate a foreland (southeast) prograding sequence of thrusting through the Ludlow in the Lake District. The basin continued to migrate onto the Avalonian foreland through the early Devonian, ahead of an advancing orogenic wedge, finally coming to a stop in the Emsian.



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Foreland basin development and tectonics on the northwest margin of eastern Avalonia

  • B. C. Kneller (a1), L. M. King (a2) and A. M. Bell (a3)


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