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Crustal geodynamics from the Archaean Bundelkhand Craton, India: constraints from zircon U–Pb–Hf isotope studies

  • L. SAHA (a1) (a2), D. FREI (a3), A. GERDES (a4), J. K. PATI (a5), S. SARKAR (a1), V. PATOLE (a6), A. BHANDARI (a1) and P. NASIPURI (a6)...


A comprehensive study based on U–Pb and Hf isotope analyses of zircons from gneisses has been conducted along the western part (Babina area) of the E–W-trending Bundelkhand Tectonic Zone in the central part of the Archaean Bundelkhand Craton. 207Pb–206Pb zircon ages and Hf isotopic data indicate the existence of a felsic crust at ~ 3.59 Ga, followed by a second tectonothermal event at ~ 3.44 Ga, leading to calc-alkaline magmatism and subsequent crustal growth. The study hence suggests that crust formation in the Bundelkhand Craton occurred in a similar time-frame to that recorded from the Singhbhum and Bastar cratons of the North Indian Shield.


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Crustal geodynamics from the Archaean Bundelkhand Craton, India: constraints from zircon U–Pb–Hf isotope studies

  • L. SAHA (a1) (a2), D. FREI (a3), A. GERDES (a4), J. K. PATI (a5), S. SARKAR (a1), V. PATOLE (a6), A. BHANDARI (a1) and P. NASIPURI (a6)...


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