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Improved model for the non-destructive estimation of strawberry leaf area

  • Hüsnü Demirsoy (a1), Leyla Demirsoy (a1) and Ahmet Öztürk (a1)


Introduction. Non-destructive estimation of leaf area saves time as compared with geometric measurements. For this reason, several leaf area prediction models were produced for some plant species such as grape, avocado and kiwifruit in previous studies. In this research, we attempted to offer a reliable equation that predicts strawberry leaf area non-destructively by linear measurements of leaf geometry. Materials and methods. An equation was developed by using Sweet Charlie and Camarosa strawberry cultivars and by measuring lamina width, length and leaf area. Results and discussion. It was found that the relationships between the actual leaf area and the predicted leaf area given by the equation developed were significant at a level of 0.1% and that r 2 was 0.993. In addition, the model was validated by measurements of new leaf areas of seven other strawberry cultivars. Conclusions. The model developed could be used for strawberries in relevant studies.


Corresponding author


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Improved model for the non-destructive estimation of strawberry leaf area

  • Hüsnü Demirsoy (a1), Leyla Demirsoy (a1) and Ahmet Öztürk (a1)


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