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Seasonal Variation in the Water Uptake and Leaf Water Potential of Intercropped and Monocropped Chillies

  • N. R. Hulugalle (a1) and S. T. Willatt (a1)


The seasonal water use patterns and leaf water potential of chillies (Capsicum annum var. annum) grown as a monocrop and as an intercrop between soyabeans (Glycine max) were studied under a weekly and two weekly irrigation regime on a red duplex soil in Northern Victoria, Australia. Irrigation at two weekly intervals resulted in a temporal stratification of water extraction over the growing season, the soyabeans making their maximum demand during the reproductive phase. Senescence of the soyabeans at the R6–R7, growth stage was accompanied by an increase in water uptake by the intercropped chillies. No corresponding increase in water uptake was observed in monocropped chillies irrigated every two weeks or in intercropped or monocropped chillies irrigated weekly. Leaf water potential of the intercropped chillies was, for the most part, greater than that of the corresponding monocrops.



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Seasonal Variation in the Water Uptake and Leaf Water Potential of Intercropped and Monocropped Chillies

  • N. R. Hulugalle (a1) and S. T. Willatt (a1)


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