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A non-local traffic flow model for 1-to-1 junctions


We present a model for a class of non-local conservation laws arising in traffic flow modelling at road junctions. Instead of a single velocity function for the whole road, we consider two different road segments, which may differ for their speed law and number of lanes (hence their maximal vehicle density). We use an upwind type numerical scheme to construct a sequence of approximate solutions, and we provide uniform L and total variation estimates. In particular, the solutions of the proposed model stay positive and below the maximum density of each road segment. Using a Lax–Wendroff type argument and the doubling of variables technique, we prove the well-posedness of the proposed model. Finally, some numerical simulations are provided and compared with the corresponding (discontinuous) local model.



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A non-local traffic flow model for 1-to-1 junctions


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