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Starforming region M 16: A near and mid IR study

  • M. Giard, J.P. Bernard, A. Klotz, I. Ristorcelli, U. C. Joshi (a1), S. Ganesh (a1), K. S. Baliyan (a1), G. Simon (a2), A. Omont (a3), M. Schultheis (a3) and F. Schuller (a3)...


The Inner Region of the Galaxy has been enigmatic. Some interesting results are becoming available now from the highly promising near and mid infrared surveys such as DENIS, 2MASS, ISOGAL, of this region. The DENIS and ISOGAL surveys have already produced several interesting results over the past couple of years. We have made complementary observations towards the M 16 starforming region to provide additional data at an intermediate wavelength (H band) compared to the DENIS survey. The data will be used in combination with the other 5 bands from the ISOGAL/DENIS survey to characterise the stellar populations in this region.


Corresponding author


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