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Micromegas detector developments for MIMAC

  • F. Mayet, D. Santos, E. Ferrer-Ribas (a1), D. Attié (a1), D. Calvet (a1), P. Colas (a1), F. Druillole (a1), Y. Giomataris (a1), F.J. Iguaz (a1), J.P. Mols (a1), J. Pancin (a2), T. Papaevangelou (a1), J. Billard (a3), G. Bosson (a3), J.L. Bouly (a3), O. Bourrion (a3), Ch. Fourel (a3), C. Grignon (a3), O. Guillaudin (a3), F. Mayet (a3), J.P. Richer (a3), D. Santos (a3), C. Golabek (a4) and L. Lebreton (a4)...


The aim of the MIMAC project is to detect non-baryonic Dark Matter with a directional TPC. The recent Micromegas efforts towards building a large size detector will be described, in particular the characterization measurements of a prototype detector of 10  ×  10 cm2 with a 2 dimensional readout plane. Track reconstruction with alpha particles will be shown.



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