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The Large Magellanic Cloud in the SDSS and LCDM: Is There A “Found Satellites Problem”?

  • M. Koleva, Ph. Prugniel, I. Vauglin, E.J. Tollerud (a1), E.J. Barton (a1), J.S. Bullock (a1) and C. Trinh (a2)...


Substructure in ΛCDM provides a number of interesting puzzles. While the missing satellites problem is well-studied, there are suggestions of an opposite problem on the bright end. Subhalos large enough to host luminous satellites are uncommon, so the existence of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) orbiting the Galaxy can potentially be a challenge for ΛCDM. Hence, we describe a search for analogs to an isolated galaxy pair like the Milky Way/LMC system in the SDSS and interpret these results with cosmological simulations. We note that while the LMC may not be unusual based on its luminosity, it is remarkably blue for such satellites. Thus, color may have implications for the LMC’s orbital history.



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