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Impact of new atomic data for the formation of the Mg I b triplet lines in benchmark stars

  • T. Merle (a1), F. Thévenin (a2), A.K. Belyaev (a3) (a4), M. Guitou (a5), N. Feautrier (a6), A. Spielfiedel (a6) and O. Zatsarinny (a7)...


We aim to improve the calculation of the Mg I line profiles in benchmark stars and to assess the impact of the new quantum mechanical calculations of inelastic collisions with hydrogen. The method is based on the non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (NLTE) line formation using updated atomic data for a simple model atom of Mg I. Focus on the formation of the Mg I b triplet lines at 5167, 5172 and 5183 Å is presented for the Sun, Arcturus, HD 84937 (metal-poor dwarf) and HD 122563 (metal-poor giant). This study is preliminary and essentially tests the new atomic data. In this context, we show that NLTE effects are smaller for this triplet when quantum mechanical H collisions are included compared with the use of the semi-classical Drawin's formula.



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