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Extragalactic Submillimetric Surveys with BLAST

  • L. Spinoglio, N. Epchtein, E. Pascale (a1), P.A.R. Ade (a1), J.J. Bock (a2), E.L. Chapin (a3), M.J. Devlin (a4), M. Griffin (a1), J.O. Gundersen (a5), M. Halpern (a3), P.C. Hargrave (a1), D.H. Hughes (a6), J. Klein (a4), G. Marsden (a3), P.G. Martin (a7) (a8), P. Mauskopf (a1), L. Moncelsi (a1), C.B. Netterfield (a7) (a9), H. Ngo (a3), L. Olmi (a10) (a11), G. Patanchon (a12), M. Rex (a4), D. Scott (a3), C. Semisch (a4), N. Thomas (a5), M.D.P. Truch (a4), C. Tucker (a1), G.S. Tucker (a13), M.P. Viero (a9) and D.V. Wiebe (a3)...


The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST) has recently conducted an extragalactic submillimetric survey of the Chandra Deep Field South region of unprecedented size, depth, and angular resolution in three wavebands centered at 250, 350, and 500 µm. BLAST wavelengths are chosen to study the Cosmic Infrared Background near its peak at 200 µm. We find that most of the CIB at these wavelengths is contributed by galaxies detected at 24 µm by the MIPS instrument on Spitzer, and that the source counts distribution shows a population with strongly evolving density and luminosity. These results anticipate what can be expected from the surveys that will be conducted with the SPIRE instrument on the Herschel space observatory.



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