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Astrophysics from Dome A

  • H. Zinnecker, N. Epchtein, H. Rauer, N.F.H. Tothill (a1), C.A. Kulesa (a2), C.K. Walker (a2), M.C.B. Ashley (a3), C. Bonner (a3), X. Cui (a4), J. Everett (a3), L. Feng (a5), S. Hengst (a3), J. Hu (a6), Z. Jiang (a6), J.S. Lawrence (a3), Y. Li (a7), D. Luong-Van (a3), A.M. Moore (a8), C. Pennypacker (a9), W. Qin (a7), R. Riddle (a10), J.W.V. Storey (a3), Z. Shang (a11), B. Sun (a7), T. Travouillon (a10), L. Wang (a5), Z. Xu (a6), H. Yang (a7), J. Yan (a5), D.G. York (a12), X. Yuan (a4) and Z. Zhu (a5)...


Dome A, the summit of the Antarctic plateau, is expected to have even better atmospheric conditions for ground-based astronomy than Dome C. Instruments to evaluate and exploit Dome A's astronomical potential must operate within logistical constraints, which are currently very stringent. Instrumentation now at Dome A exemplifies the techniques and solutions required by this environment. Future instrumentation and infrastructure will allow the qualities of the site to be exploited much more fully.


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