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High order semi-Lagrangian particle methods for transport equations: numerical analysis and implementation issues

  • G.-H. Cottet (a1), J.-M. Etancelin (a1), F. Perignon (a1) and C. Picard (a1)


This paper is devoted to the definition, analysis and implementation of semi-Lagrangian methods as they result from particle methods combined with remeshing. We give a complete consistency analysis of these methods, based on the regularity and momentum properties of the remeshing kernels, and a stability analysis of a large class of second and fourth order methods. This analysis is supplemented by numerical illustrations. We also describe a general approach to implement these methods in the context of hybrid computing and investigate their performance on GPU processors as a function of their order of accuracy.



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High order semi-Lagrangian particle methods for transport equations: numerical analysis and implementation issues

  • G.-H. Cottet (a1), J.-M. Etancelin (a1), F. Perignon (a1) and C. Picard (a1)


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