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Compressible two-phase flows by central and upwind schemes

  • Smadar Karni (a1), Eduard Kirr (a2), Alexander Kurganov (a3) and Guergana Petrova (a4)


This paper concerns numerical methods for two-phase flows. The governing equations are the compressible 2-velocity, 2-pressure flow model. Pressure and velocity relaxation are included as source terms. Results obtained by a Godunov-type central scheme and a Roe-type upwind scheme are presented. Issues of preservation of pressure equilibrium, and positivity of the partial densities are addressed.



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Compressible two-phase flows by central and upwind schemes

  • Smadar Karni (a1), Eduard Kirr (a2), Alexander Kurganov (a3) and Guergana Petrova (a4)


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