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Control Lyapunov functions for homogeneous “Jurdjevic-Quinn” systems

  • ludovic faubourg (a1) and jean-baptiste pomet (a2)


This paper presents a method to design explicit control Lyapunov functions for affine and homogeneous systems that satisfy the so-called “Jurdjevic-Quinn conditions”. For these systems a positive definite function V 0 is known that can only be made non increasing by feedback. We describe how a control Lyapunov function can be obtained via a deformation of this “weak” Lyapunov function. Some examples are presented, and the linear quadratic situation is treated as an illustration.



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Control Lyapunov functions for homogeneous “Jurdjevic-Quinn” systems

  • ludovic faubourg (a1) and jean-baptiste pomet (a2)


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