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Boundary control of the Maxwell dynamical system: lack of controllability by topological reasons

  • Mikhail Belishev (a1) and Aleksandr Glasman (a2)


The paper deals with a boundary control problem for the Maxwell dynamical system in a bounbed domain Ω ⊂ R3 . Let Ω T ⊂ Ω be the subdomain filled by waves at the moment T, T * the moment at which the waves fill the whole of Ω. The following effect occurs: for small enough T the system is approximately controllable in Ω T whereas for larger T < T* a lack of controllability is possible. The subspace of unreachable states is of finite dimension determined by topological characteristics of Ω T .



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Boundary control of the Maxwell dynamical system: lack of controllability by topological reasons

  • Mikhail Belishev (a1) and Aleksandr Glasman (a2)


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