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  • M. Möller (a1), H. J. Atkins (a1), G. L. C. Bramley (a2), D. J. Middleton (a3), R. Baines (a1), V. D. Nguyen (a4) (a5), H. Q. Bui (a4) and S. Barber (a1)...


Two new species of Oreocharis, O. tribracteata and O. rufescens, are described and a key to the species in Vietnam is provided. The new species have distinct features not previously, or rarely, observed in the genus, both showing the partial fusion of the calyx lobes into a tube, and the presence of three bracts in Oreocharis tribracteata.


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  • M. Möller (a1), H. J. Atkins (a1), G. L. C. Bramley (a2), D. J. Middleton (a3), R. Baines (a1), V. D. Nguyen (a4) (a5), H. Q. Bui (a4) and S. Barber (a1)...


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