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  • M. C. Tebbitt (a1), A. R. Andrada (a2), E. Bulacio (a3), G. A. Parada (a4) and H. Ayarde (a2)...


Two new infraspecific taxa of Begonia micranthera Griseb. are described. Begonia micranthera subsp. albonervia Tebbitt is described and illustrated as a new subspecies native to the Andes of southern Bolivia (Chuquisaca, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz Departments). Begonia micranthera subsp. micranthera var. flava Andrada & Bulacio is newly described from Argentina's Jujuy Province. Begonia micranthera var. rhacophylla Irmsch. is raised to subspecies and newly recorded from Bolivia. Begonia micranthera var. hieronymi (Lindau) L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub. is recognised as B. micranthera subsp. rhacophylla var. hieronymi (Lindau) L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub. The type collection of Begonia micranthera var. foliosa L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub. is newly recognised as a hybrid between B. micranthera Griseb. subsp. micranthera and B. micranthera subsp. rhacophylla (Irmsch.) Tebbitt. Begonia micranthera var. fimbriata L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub. is newly synonymised with B. cinnabarina Hook. Begonia cinnabarina is newly recognised from Argentina and is lectotypified. Begonia micranthera subsp. micranthera var. nana L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub. is also lectotypified. A key, diagnoses and illustrations are provided for all the recognised infraspecific taxa of Begonia micranthera.



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