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Qu'est-ce qu'une experience «aisthétique» selon Platon?

  • Franck Fischer (a1)


In this article, I study the extension which, according to Plato, the activity of aisthesis should receive. After a survey of the subject, I argue first that, if human aisthesis is antepredicative, it is nevertheless apparent in doxic judgement. Next, I study what distinguishing objects means for aisthesis, arguing that such a distinction involves the mysterious presence of those “common” somethings mentioned in the Theaetetus. I proceed to make the point that we are unable, in the light of the texts, to determine whether aisthesis can name its objects. Finally, I suggest translating “aesthetic experience” as “perceptual experience.”



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Qu'est-ce qu'une experience «aisthétique» selon Platon?

  • Franck Fischer (a1)


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