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Affine quadrics and the Picard group of the motivic category

  • Alexander Vishik (a1)


In this paper we study the subgroup of the Picard group of Voevodsky’s category of geometric motives $\operatorname{DM}_{\text{gm}}(k;\mathbb{Z}/2)$ generated by the reduced motives of affine quadrics. Our main tools here are the functors of Bachmann [On the invertibility of motives of affine quadrics, Doc. Math. 22 (2017), 363–395], but we also provide an alternative method. We show that the group in question can be described in terms of indecomposable direct summands in the motives of projective quadrics over $k$ . In particular, we describe all the relations among the reduced motives of affine quadrics. We also extend the criterion of motivic equivalence of projective quadrics.



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Affine quadrics and the Picard group of the motivic category

  • Alexander Vishik (a1)


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