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Surface properties of bentonite and illite complexes with humus acids

  • A. Księżopolska (a1) and M. Pazur (a1)


In this study, the reaction between humus acids (humic acid and β-humus fulvic acid fraction) and bentonite and illite was studied at a variety of pH values. The degree of reaction was determined from the specific surface area and molar energy of adsorption. Characteristic parameters of adsorption isotherms for the formation of a mono-layer of the adsorbent, such as the constant C from the BET equation, mono-layer capacity (N m), and standard error square (R 2), were also included in the study. After the addition of humus acids, the specific surface area of illite and bentonite decreased at all pH values, reaching a minimum at pH 4. This indicates different degrees of reaction of humus acids with the clays and, probably, partial hydrophobization of the materials. The degree of reaction of humus acids with the minerals depended on the pH and, for certain combinations, it was highest at pH 4. This value is relatively close to that at which the humus acid fractions in question precipitate from solution.


Corresponding author


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Surface properties of bentonite and illite complexes with humus acids

  • A. Księżopolska (a1) and M. Pazur (a1)


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