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Structural alteration of sepiolite by dry grinding

  • J. Cornejo (a1) and M. C. Hermosin (a1)


The effects of dry grinding on the structure of sepiolite were studied by XRD, surface area measurement, TG-DTA and IR spectroscopy techniques. The results show that the sepiolite framework is rather resistant to mechanical stress and its alteration by dry grinding occurs through three successive, overlapping processes: (i) thinning of the fibrous particles without structural alteration; (ii) distortion of the parallel units of sepiolite fibres, affecting essentially the particle surface which transforms into an amorphous protective coating; (iii) disruption of the inner structure and a prototropy effect, producing an amorphous phase with some residual order.



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Structural alteration of sepiolite by dry grinding

  • J. Cornejo (a1) and M. C. Hermosin (a1)


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