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Mineralogical and crystal-chemical characterization of the talc ore deposit of Minzanzala, Gabon

  • Mathilde Poirier (a1), Jean-Eudes Boulingui (a2) (a3), François Martin (a1), Michel Mbina Mounguengui (a4), Charles Nkoumbou (a5), Fabien Thomas (a3), Michel Cathelineau (a6) and Jacques Yvon (a5)...


This research aims to characterize the mineralogical and crystal-chemical purity of two samples of natural talc (BTT6, BTT7) from the occurrence ‘Ecole1’ in the deposit of Minzanzala, southwest Gabon. X-ray diffraction and modal-composition calculations demonstrated the presence of quartz and Al–Fe-bearing phases (kaolinite and/or chlorite and/or Al–Fe oxyhydroxides) as accessory minerals in both ores. In contrast, the chemical and spectroscopic characterization of the talc component revealed remarkable chemical purity expressed by very low Fe contents. According to these results, the talc of Minzanzala might be used as a filler in a wide range of industrial applications, such as in cosmetics, paints, polymers or ceramics.


Corresponding author


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Associate Editor: Lawrence Warr



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Mineralogical and crystal-chemical characterization of the talc ore deposit of Minzanzala, Gabon

  • Mathilde Poirier (a1), Jean-Eudes Boulingui (a2) (a3), François Martin (a1), Michel Mbina Mounguengui (a4), Charles Nkoumbou (a5), Fabien Thomas (a3), Michel Cathelineau (a6) and Jacques Yvon (a5)...


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