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Layer charge estimation of smectites using infrared spectroscopy

  • S. Petit (a1), D. Righi (a1), J. Madejová (a2) and A. Decarreau (a1)


A new method of measuring the layer charge of smectites by IR spectroscopy is proposed based on the integrated intensity measurement of the band assigned to the ammonium fundamental ν4 mode of NH+ 4-exchanged clays. Measurements are made before and after Li fixation (Hofman & Klemen effect). These allow the quantitative determination of the total charge, equivalent to CEC, and tetrahedral and octahedral charge distribution in both dioctahedral and trioctahedral smectites.



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Layer charge estimation of smectites using infrared spectroscopy

  • S. Petit (a1), D. Righi (a1), J. Madejová (a2) and A. Decarreau (a1)


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