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Fluorescence and phase transitions of Mg-Al-Eu ternary layered double hydroxides – dependence on annealing

  • Yufeng Chen (a1), Songhua Zhou (a1), Fei Li (a1), Junchao Wei (a1), Yanfeng Dai (a1) and Yiwang Chen (a1)...


Fluorescence and phase transitions of a new Mg-Al-Eu ternary layered double hydroxide (LDH) and their dependence on thermal treatment were studied for the first time. Phase transitions occurred as the temperature increased from 400 to 1100°C. The process of phase transition is discussed in detail. The emissions of Eu3+ ions described by the 5D07FJ transition (J = 1,2,3,4), and especially for the 5D07FJ transition (J = 1,2) varied markedly with phase transformations from LDH, MgO, to mixtures of MgO and MgAl2O4. Moreover,strong emissions of Eu3+ ions are present in these new host materials. These results indicate that Mg-Al-Eu ternary LDH may be a potential candidate for materials applied in fluorescent devices.


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Fluorescence and phase transitions of Mg-Al-Eu ternary layered double hydroxides – dependence on annealing

  • Yufeng Chen (a1), Songhua Zhou (a1), Fei Li (a1), Junchao Wei (a1), Yanfeng Dai (a1) and Yiwang Chen (a1)...


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