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Electrical conductivity of montmorillonite as a function of relative humidity: La-montmorillonite

  • N. J. García (a1) and J. C. Bazán (a1)


The conductivity of La-montmorillonite was measured in the domain of water relative pressures (p/p 0) of <1, and compared with the conductivites of Li- and Na-montmorillonite. La-montmorillonite shows smaller conductivity over the whole range of p/p 0 studied. To explain this, theoretical considerations of the polarizing power and of the local stacking order induced by the exchangeable cation were addressed.


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Electrical conductivity of montmorillonite as a function of relative humidity: La-montmorillonite

  • N. J. García (a1) and J. C. Bazán (a1)


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