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Additional data on reevesite and its Co-analogue, as a new member of the hydrotalcite group

  • Y. Song (a1) and H.-S. Moon (a1)


Reevesite, the Ni-Fe member of the hydrotalcite group, occurs as a secondary mineral in the serpentinized ultramafic rocks of the Kwangcheon area in Korea, replacing the pecoraitc-magnetite-millerite-polydymite assemblages in small veins lining cracks and fracture zones. Chemical analyses for the reevesites indicate the presence of the Co-analogue of reevesite and the complete solid-solution between Fe3+ and Co3+. The Co-analogue of the reevesite shows the approximate ratio of 3:1 of divalent to trivalent cations, which is in distinct contrast to the comblainite with the ratio of 2:1 reported by Piret & Deliens (1980). The presence of the complete solid-solution phase between Fe3+ and Co3+ is confirmed by synthesis at room temperature. On the basis of the results, the Co-analogue of the reevesite should be named as a new member of the hydrotalcite group, and thereby be distinguished from the comblainite. The partial substitutions of SO2- 4 for CO2- 3 in the interlayer region might affect the slight increase of the basal spacing in the reevesite. The synthesis performed suggests that the reevesite could be precipitated under either an alkaline or a neutral environment, if carbonate activity is high enough.



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Additional data on reevesite and its Co-analogue, as a new member of the hydrotalcite group

  • Y. Song (a1) and H.-S. Moon (a1)


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