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Mutation breeding of Aspergillus niger strain LW-1 for high-yield β-mannanase production

  • Zhang Shu-Fei (a1), Song Jia-Huan (a1), Wu Min-Chen (a1), Sheng Jin-Ping (a1) and Li Jian-Fang (a1)...


A parent strain of Aspergillus niger LW-1 producing β-mannanase, preserved in our laboratory, was isolated. A strain, N-9, was screened out and further treated with vacuum microwave irradiation and ethyl methane sulphonate (EMS). A mutant strain, E-30, producing a high and stable yield of β-mannanase was obtained through screening by solid-state cultivation on the basic fermentation medium and several generations of bevel subculture. Its enzyme activity (36 675 U/g) was increased by 2.15 times compared to that of A. niger LW-1 (17 048 U/g). The production of high-yield β-mannanase by E-30 remained stable when maintained at 4°C for 2 months.


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