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Medium selection in tissue culture of japonica rice cultivar Nipponbare and preparation of transgenic plants with an elicitor-coding gene from Magnaporthe grisea

  • Mao Jian-Jun (a1), Yang Xiu-Fen (a1), Zeng Hong-Mei (a1), Yuan Jing-Jing (a1) and Qiu De-Wen (a1)...


N6 medium, Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium and BNBN medium were adopted in tissue cultures of Nipponbare (japonica) scutellum for performance comparison. Results indicated that, among the three kinds of culture media, the NB medium worked best in callus induction and gene transformation and was most suitable for tissue culture of Nipponbare scutellum. Based on this, the elicitor-encoding gene pemG1 from Magnaporthe grisea was introduced into the genome of Nipponbare via the Agrobacterium-mediated method. Transgenic rice plants were obtained. The integration, transcription and expression of pemG1 in rice were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Northern blot and Western blot, respectively. Genetic analysis showed that the transgenes were segregated normally in the progenies.


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Medium selection in tissue culture of japonica rice cultivar Nipponbare and preparation of transgenic plants with an elicitor-coding gene from Magnaporthe grisea

  • Mao Jian-Jun (a1), Yang Xiu-Fen (a1), Zeng Hong-Mei (a1), Yuan Jing-Jing (a1) and Qiu De-Wen (a1)...


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