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Composition and changes of yolk proteins from silkworm Bombyx mori during embryonic development stages

  • Yan Xin-Pei (a1), Zhong Bo-Xiong (a1), Xu Meng-Kui (a1), Yao Guo-Hua (a1), Chen Qi-Long (a1) and Tong Xiao-Fen (a1)...


The yolk proteins of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, are important sources of nutrition and energy during embryo development. By analysing the yolk proteins from silkworm eggs, the composition and the metabolism of yolk proteins during embryo development stages can be studied at the proteome level. Yolk proteins were obtained from unfertilized eggs and eggs at different embryo development stages by dissection and then separated and analysed by two-dimensional electrophoresis and its corresponding image analysis system. It was discovered that over 200 proteins exist in mature silkworm eggs. Some specific spots of yolk proteins were found in different silkworm strains, while few differences in yolk proteins appeared during different development stages in the same silkworm strain. This result indicates that the silkworm embryo does not utilize yolk proteins selectively by absorbing one or some special proteins, but by absorbing the yolk protein grains one by one during development.


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