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Prophylactic antibiotics in interventional paediatric cardiac catheterisation: old habits die hard?

  • Christopher D. Gillett (a1) and Gareth J. Morgan (a2)


Antibiotic prophylaxis in congenital cardiac disease has long been a topic of debate. Although there is little dispute around antibiotic cover for surgical procedures and catheter interventions where foreign material is being inserted, there are little data specific to non-device-placement procedures such as atrial septostomy or balloon valvotomy. We sought to assess the effect of routine prophylaxis on post-interventional infections via a retrospective pseudo-randomised analysis, and an online survey on paediatric interventional cardiologists in the United Kingdom and United States.


Corresponding author

Correspondence: Dr G. J. Morgan, MB, BaO, BCh, MPhil, MRCPCH, Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7RT, United Kingdom. Tel: +0 207 188 7188; Fax: +0 207 188 4566; E-mail:


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Prophylactic antibiotics in interventional paediatric cardiac catheterisation: old habits die hard?

  • Christopher D. Gillett (a1) and Gareth J. Morgan (a2)


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