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A legal perspective on athlete screening and disqualification

  • Timothy E. Paterick (a1), Zachary R. Paterick, Nachiket Patel (a2), Khawaja A. Ammar (a3), Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran (a4) and Abdul J. Tajik (a3)...


Physicians participate in the screening, routine medical supervision, and disqualification of student-athletes. In doing so, they should understand that eligibility/disqualification decisions inevitably have associated liability issues. It is the responsibility of physicians to take the lead role in the student-athlete medical assessment process to allow for optimum safety in sports programmes. The first duty of the physician is to protect the health and well-being of the student-athlete. However, because there is potential liability associated with the screening/disqualification process, physicians are wise to develop sound and reasonable strategies that are in strict compliance with the standard of care. This article focusses on cardiac screening and disqualification for participation in sports.


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A legal perspective on athlete screening and disqualification

  • Timothy E. Paterick (a1), Zachary R. Paterick, Nachiket Patel (a2), Khawaja A. Ammar (a3), Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran (a4) and Abdul J. Tajik (a3)...


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