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Fontan's operation: evolution from a procedure to a process

  • Jorge M. Giroud (a1) and Jeffrey P. Jacobs (a1)


It was in 1971, Fontan and Baudet1 published their experience using a surgical procedure to restore a physiologic circulation in three patients with tricuspid atresia. Of the three patients, two survived, thus ushering a new era in the treatment of children with complex forms of congenital cardiac disease. This operation itself, however, was the culmination of a series of experimental and clinical observations that underlined the clinical possibility totally to bypass the right side of the heart.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Jorge M. Giroud MD, Pediatric Cardiologist, Congenital Heart Institute of Florida, University of South Florida, 880 6th Street South, Suite 280, St Petersburg, FL 33701, USA.


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Fontan's operation: evolution from a procedure to a process

  • Jorge M. Giroud (a1) and Jeffrey P. Jacobs (a1)


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