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Effects of chronic treprostinil treatment on experimental right heart hypertrophy and failure

  • Sofie Axelgaard (a1), Sarah Holmboe (a1), Steffen Ringgaard (a2), Thomas K. Hillgaard (a1), Stine Andersen (a1), Mona S. Hansen (a1), Asger Andersen (a1) and Jens E. Nielsen-Kudsk (a1)...



Right heart function is an important predictor of morbidity and mortality in pulmonary arterial hypertension and many CHD. We investigated whether treatment with the prostacyclin analogue treprostinil could prevent pressure overload-induced right ventricular hypertrophy and failure.


Male Wistar rats were randomised to severe pulmonary trunk banding with a 0.5-mm banding clip (n=41), moderate pulmonary trunk banding with a 0.6-mm banding clip (n=36), or sham procedure (n=10). The banded rats were randomised to 6 weeks of treatment with a moderate dose of treprostinil (300 ng/kg/minute), a high dose of treprostinil (900 ng/kg/minute), or vehicle.


Pulmonary trunk banding effectively induced hypertrophy, dilatation, and decreased right ventricular function. The severely banded animals presented with decompensated heart failure with extracardial manifestations. Treatment with treprostinil neither reduced right ventricular hypertrophy nor improved right ventricular function.


In the pulmonary trunk banding model of pressure overload-induced right ventricular hypertrophy and failure, moderate- and high-dose treatment with treprostinil did not improve right ventricular function neither in compensated nor in decompensated right heart failure.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: J. E. Nielsen-Kudsk, MD, DMSc, Department of Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Palle Juul Jensens Boulevard 99, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark. Tel: +45 7845 2024; Fax: +45 7845 2117; E-mail:


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Effects of chronic treprostinil treatment on experimental right heart hypertrophy and failure

  • Sofie Axelgaard (a1), Sarah Holmboe (a1), Steffen Ringgaard (a2), Thomas K. Hillgaard (a1), Stine Andersen (a1), Mona S. Hansen (a1), Asger Andersen (a1) and Jens E. Nielsen-Kudsk (a1)...


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