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Comparison of self-expandable and balloon-expanding stents for hybrid ductal stenting in hypoplastic left heart complex

  • Sebastian Goreczny (a1) (a2), Shakeel A. Qureshi (a1), Eric Rosenthal (a1), Thomas Krasemann (a1), Mohamed S. Nassar (a1), David R. Anderson (a1) and Gareth J. Morgan (a1)...



We aimed to compare the procedural and mid-term performance of a specifically designed self-expanding stent with balloon-expandable stents in patients undergoing hybrid palliation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome and its variants.


The lack of specifically designed stents has led to off-label use of coronary, biliary, or peripheral stents in the neonatal ductus arteriosus. Recently, a self-expanding stent, specifically designed for use in hypoplastic left heart syndrome, has become available.


We carried out a retrospective cohort comparison of 69 neonates who underwent hybrid ductal stenting with balloon-expandable and self-expanding stents from December, 2005 to July, 2014.


In total, 43 balloon-expandable stents were implanted in 41 neonates and more recently 47 self-expanding stents in 28 neonates. In the balloon-expandable stents group, stent-related complications occurred in nine patients (22%), compared with one patient in the self-expanding stent group (4%). During follow-up, percutaneous re-intervention related to the ductal stent was performed in five patients (17%) in the balloon-expandable stent group and seven patients (28%) in self-expanding stents group.


Hybrid ductal stenting with self-expanding stents produced favourable results when compared with the results obtained with balloon-expandable stents. Immediate additional interventions and follow-up re-interventions were similar in both groups with complications more common in those with balloon-expandable stents.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Dr G. J. Morgan, Department of Congenital Heart Disease, St Thomas’s Hospital, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7EH, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 20 7188 4547; Fax: +44 20 7188 4546; E-mail:


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Comparison of self-expandable and balloon-expanding stents for hybrid ductal stenting in hypoplastic left heart complex

  • Sebastian Goreczny (a1) (a2), Shakeel A. Qureshi (a1), Eric Rosenthal (a1), Thomas Krasemann (a1), Mohamed S. Nassar (a1), David R. Anderson (a1) and Gareth J. Morgan (a1)...


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