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Absent ductus venosus associated with persistent truncus arteriosus: prenatal diagnosis

  • Ercan Tutar (a1) and Suat Fitoz (a2)


An absent ductus venosus is a rare anomaly which results aberrant umbilical venous return. The fetus which is defined here referred to our clinic at 30th gestational week because of cardiomegaly. The diagnosis of ductus venosus agenesis and anomalous umbilical venous return was done by fetal echocardiography. The fetus has two unique features. The drainage of anomalous umbilical vein into the superior vena cava and associated persistent truncus arteriosus have not been reported yet in fetuses with absent ductus venosus.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Dr E. Tutar, Defne sitesi, 8 blok, No. 37, Ümitköy, 06800, Ankara, Turkey. E-mail:


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Absent ductus venosus associated with persistent truncus arteriosus: prenatal diagnosis

  • Ercan Tutar (a1) and Suat Fitoz (a2)


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