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Studies on Oviposition and Fecundity of Ctenicera destructor (Brown) (Coleoptera: Elateridae)1

  • J. F. Doane (a1)


Oviposition and fecundity of Cteniecra destructor (Brown) were studied in the laboratory and field. In a series of tests, total oviposition by individual field-collected females ranged from 495 to 1464 and averaged from 264.0 to 940.0 eggs per female. Temperatures from 50 to 86° F. had no effect on total fecundity but lower temperatures extended the oviposition period. Soil moisture from 8 to 20% in sifted clay loam soil (particle sine less than 0.177 mm.) had no effect on total oviposition. At 4% soil moisture females died rapidly and laid very few eggs. Food increased the total oviposition, the length of the oviposition period, and the longevity of females. Most eggs were laid during the first month after the onset of oviposition.

Oviposition was shown to be cyclic in nature. Females usually laid eggs in large batches, followed by periods when practically no eggs were laid. This resulted in a series of irregular oviposition peaks which gradually declined in magnitude as the oviposition period progressed.



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Studies on Oviposition and Fecundity of Ctenicera destructor (Brown) (Coleoptera: Elateridae)1

  • J. F. Doane (a1)


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