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Life-History of the European Red Mite1

  • Benoit Parent (a1) and A. A. Beaulieu (a1)


Since 1945, the European red mite, Metatetranychus ulmi (Koch) [=Paratetranychus pilosus (C. & F.)], has been one of the major pests in apple orchards in southwestern Quebec. Though it had been noted by Petch on fruit trees at Ville LaSalle, Que., in 1930 and at Lac Mégantic, Que., in 1931 it was not reported as causing serious injury to apple trees before July of 1945, when Beaulieu (1948) reported that it was responsible for the first important damage in a few orchards at Rougemont, Que. By 1946, infestations were general in the apple growing areas of southwestern Quebec and occurred as far east as the Quebec City district.



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Life-History of the European Red Mite1

  • Benoit Parent (a1) and A. A. Beaulieu (a1)


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