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The European Union as a Source of Inspiration

  • Konrad Schiemann


What you find inspiring depends to a degree on where you come from and what you are looking for. So, by applying the principle of transparency, let me put my cards on the table. Those who founded the European Communities, and indeed both Jack Mackenzie Stuart and I, went through the last World War. I imagine that I will be the last judge of the Court in Luxembourg of whom this can be said. If you have been through such an experience, it is something which marks your whole life.



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Callaghan [in 1978] asked Giscard whether it was not essential that economic convergence and monetary integration did not get out of step with each other. We ought surely not to advance one without the other. It was a point of some importance for it revived the old Janus-like approach which had been such a recipe for stagnation in the Community of the mid 1970s. If I had one insight of significance it was that this was a fundamentally hobbling doctrine. If a breakthrough was to be made a monetary leap had to occur on its own in the hope that economic convergence would thereby be assisted and would follow, but certainly not making it a prior condition.

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* This is the text of the Mackenzie-Stuart lecture presented by Judge Schiemann in the Law Faculty, University of Cambridge on 9 February 2012.


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