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Potential application of digital image-processing method and fitted logistic model to the control of oriental fruit moths (Grapholita molesta Busck)

  • Z.G. Zhao (a1), E.H. Rong (a2), S.C. Li (a1), L.J. Zhang (a1), Z.W. Zhang (a3), Y.Q. Guo (a1) and R.Y. Ma (a1)...


Monitoring of oriental fruit moths (Grapholita molesta Busck) is a prerequisite for its control. This study introduced a digital image-processing method and logistic model for the control of oriental fruit moths. First, five triangular sex pheromone traps were installed separately within each area of 667 m2 in a peach orchard to monitor oriental fruit moths consecutively for 3 years. Next, full view images of oriental fruit moths were collected via a digital camera and then subjected to graying, separation and morphological analysis for automatic counting using MATLAB software. Afterwards, the results of automatic counting were used for fitting a logistic model to forecast the control threshold and key control period. There was a high consistency between automatic counting and manual counting (0.99, P < 0.05). According to the logistic model, oriental fruit moths had four occurrence peaks during a year, with a time-lag of 15–18 days between adult occurrence peak and the larval damage peak. Additionally, the key control period was from 28 June to 3 July each year, when the wormy fruit rate reached up to 5% and the trapping volume was approximately 10.2 per day per trap. Additionally, the key control period for the overwintering generation was 25 April. This study provides an automatic counting method and fitted logistic model with a great potential for application to the control of oriental fruit moths.


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Potential application of digital image-processing method and fitted logistic model to the control of oriental fruit moths (Grapholita molesta Busck)

  • Z.G. Zhao (a1), E.H. Rong (a2), S.C. Li (a1), L.J. Zhang (a1), Z.W. Zhang (a3), Y.Q. Guo (a1) and R.Y. Ma (a1)...


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