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Functional expression of the Spodoptera exigua chitinase to examine the virtually screened inhibitor candidates

  • L. Zhang (a1), Z. Guan (a1), Z. Pan (a1), H. Ge (a2), D. Zhou (a3) (a4), J. Xu (a5) and W. Zhang (a1)...


Chitinase is responsible for insect chitin hydrolyzation, which is a key process in insect molting and pupation. However, little is known about the chitinase of Spodoptera exigua (SeChi). In this study, based on the SeChi gene (ADI24346) identified in our laboratory, we constructed the recombinant baculovirus P-Chi for the expression of recombinant SeChi (rSeChi) in Hi5 cells. The rSeChi was purified by chelate affinity chromatography, and the purified protein showed activity comparable with that of a commercial SgChi, suggesting that we harvested active SeChi for the first time. The purified protein was subsequently tested for enzymatic properties and revealed to exhibit its highest activity at pH 8 and 40 C. Using homology modeling and molecular docking techniques, the three-dimensional model of SeChi was constructed and screened for inhibitors. In two rounds of screening, twenty compounds were selected. With the purified rSeChi, we tested each of the twenty compounds for inhibitor activity against rSeChi, and seven compounds showed obvious activity. This study provided new information for the chitinase of beet armyworm and for chitinase inhibitor development.


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Functional expression of the Spodoptera exigua chitinase to examine the virtually screened inhibitor candidates

  • L. Zhang (a1), Z. Guan (a1), Z. Pan (a1), H. Ge (a2), D. Zhou (a3) (a4), J. Xu (a5) and W. Zhang (a1)...


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