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Disruption of Spodoptera exigua larval development by silencing chitin synthase gene A with RNA interference

  • X. Chen (a1), H. Tian (a1), L. Zou (a1), B. Tang (a1), J. Hu (a1) and W. Zhang (a1)...


RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful tool for rapidly analyzing gene functions. However, little is known about the possible use of dsRNA/siRNA as a pest control method. Here, we demonstrate that dsRNA/siRNA can induce the silence of chitin synthase gene A (CHSA), which is an important gene for the growth and development of cuticles and trachea in beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua. Based on the in vitro RNAi experiments in an insect cell line (Trichoplusia ni High 5), in vivo RNAi was performed by injecting synthesized dsRNA/siRNA into the 4th instar larvae of S. exigua. Significantly lower levels of CHSA transcripts were detected. In addition, the cuticle of these insects was disordered and the epithelial walls of larval trachea did not expand uniformly in injected individuals. Moreover, Injections significantly increased abnormalities relative to control larvae. These results highlighted the possibility of dsRNA/siRNA for gene function studies in lepidopteran insects and future pest control.


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Disruption of Spodoptera exigua larval development by silencing chitin synthase gene A with RNA interference

  • X. Chen (a1), H. Tian (a1), L. Zou (a1), B. Tang (a1), J. Hu (a1) and W. Zhang (a1)...


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