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Research and extension in livestock development

  • J. B. Schiere (a1)


This paper discusses results, justifications and definitions of research and extension in tropical animal production. The emphasis is on the applicability of new technologies and the interaction between research and extension. A description is given of the participants, the farming systems and of the research-extension interaction with attention to the fact that much extension is technology driven rather than problem orientated. Special issues in the livestock sector are highlighted. The diversity of farming systems implies that generalized solutions are hard to find because of technical and institutional problems. A globally decreasing resource-base implies that solutions are to be found in making the system more efficient rather than in relying on ever-increasing use of inputs though inputs per se are still important. Some research results are listed and case studies illustrate how the resource-base affects the applicability of extension messages that originate from research. The use of models is advocated to determine priorities for research or extension. Failures to find quick field applications should lead to mobilization of existing information as well as to a reorientation, improved quality and better interaction of research and extension.



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Research and extension in livestock development

  • J. B. Schiere (a1)


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